what’s up with our purchase loop?

February 3, 2009 purchasemymind3

I head out to stop-n-shop at about 6pm. I usually go around this time because if gives me exactly 48 minutes to shop and get all of my groceries. At 6:48 the purchase bus which is referred to as the “loop” picks us up and takes us back to campus. Sometimes it leaves a few minutes earlier then the time written on the schedule and sometimes it comes a few minutes later. Today, however, I must have waited there about 3 hours and the cold winter breeze was not helping. I make friends with the two other purchase students waiting, to come to find out that they have been waiting for the past 4 hours. The option of taking a cab was out the question considering we are broke college students so we decide to call the bus hotline provided for us. Unfortuanately, the hotline is an automated service with no actual person to provide us with any type of information. We weren’t even sure if there would be any more buses running tonight. After the two hour mark was when I became really frustrated and anxious, not to mention freezing! We even call UPD and they couldn’t help us for they have no ties to the bus operations. As we wait, we are losing hope and not sure of what to do next but wait. The three of us must have called anyone and everyone we knew with a car and unfortuately no one was able to help us. After 3 hours and a half, the bus finally shows up- turns out one of the buses had broken down. Now, here is where I get to the point. In case of emergency (as in the case of today) when a bus breaks down, or there’s an accident or whatever the case may be, there needs to be an announcement on the automated machine,  or on the purchase website. I’m partially writing this bc I’m angry I had to wait this long with no notification, but I am also writing this because I feel as a student of SUNY PURCHASE, I would appreciate better communication between the student body and the employees of our school.

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