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February 12, 2009 purchasemymind3

This is the book we are currently reading in my Entertainment Law course

This is the book we are currently reading in my Entertainment Law course

I’m fascinated with my entertainment law class. We are currently learning about trademark and copyright laws and some of the cases we analyze seem so absurd, as in the case between Victoria’s secret vs. Victor’s secret. What ultimately started out to be humorous, instantly turned nasty. Victor’s secret, which renamed to Victor’s little secret, was sued for infringement. Victor’s “little” secret sold adult videos and lingerie. When Victoria’s secret executives found and weren’t pleased, they proceeded to take it to the jury. However, Victor’s “little” secret won the case since there wasn’t any confusion in the market. An average person who walks into Victor’s “little” secret couldn’t possibly confuse that for Victoria’s secret. Another case we studied was Trader’s Joe’s vs. Gristedes. Gristedes decided to open up a new chain called Trader Johns. (One of their stores were to open this past January only blocks away from Trader Joes in Union Square, Manhattan. The argument behind that was simply his name was John and indeed he was a trader. Although it is not clear what the result of this case was (it probably was settled), it still fascinates me that Gristedes, a successful supermarket felt the need to expand to a different name for a test trial especially to something very quite similar to their competition. I wonder what they were thinking when they came up with this idea, and if they even considered Trader Joe’s into their thoughts. (They must have!)


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