Rihanna and Chris Brown

February 24, 2009 purchasemymind3
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This is a picture of Rihanna confronting Brown of a suspicious text message. It's clear her insecurities stem from his unfaithful tendancies.

When I was first heard about Chris Brown and the Rihanna dilemna, my reaction went something like “Oh god, this is so stupid, I really don’t care.” I saw the story everywhere I went from newsstands, deli’s, websites, etc. When I finally decided to actually read through one of the articles, I realized how important this news story is. Violence and abuse towards women have been an ongoing issue for years. When we hear about rape in the Congo and sex slaves in Thailand, we think just because these things happen in third world countries, it’s not as “important” because it’s not effecting our immediate society. However, domestic violence and rape occur everyday, every hour, every minute. The fact that it happened to one of the most popular pop singer has gained national attention. I feel that this story  is effecting our modern youth and speaking out to our generation. Everyone seems to be taking sides and adding personal opinions to the story but the bottom line is Chris Brown and Rihanna are just human beings like everyone else. We have so many human rights granted, especially as Americans, that we forget about them until they are violated. It seems to only grasp our attention when something extreme happens. I feel that this incident has raised our awareness of the actual truth of violence towards women and has given us the chance to put things more in perspective.

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