RA Interview Process

March 1, 2009 purchasemymind3
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At the final phase of completing the RA application comes the two interviews, individual and group. They were both a tough task and I was able to realize my strenghts and weaknesses. The night before my individual interview, I practiced possible questions over and over again in my head and even rehearsed them with a friend. During the interview, however, a third of what I practiced went right over my head and I ended up explaining stories from my childhood and even surprised myself of the things that were coming out of my mouth. When put under pressure, especially with the paraprofeesional and RA both starring @ you while evaluating your every word and move, I was beginning to get nervous.  At times, I was too far into my story that I had forgotten what I original question had been. I tried to my best abililty, relate everything back to my first point. So that went on for about 3o minutes and I feel 50/50 about my peformance. What I do know though is that I was 100% myself, and showed my strong desire and passion for this position, so if they feel I am not qualified, I will have to just MOVE ON. 😦 I am keeping my fingers crossed however! The group interview was held at 8:30 this morning. Last time I remembered waking up before Starbucks was even opened was probably never, at least during this past semester. I found the group interview very amusing. All of the qualified applicants, (who passed a series of essay questions, valid references, and basic qualifications) were split up into groups of 10. In round 1, we were put in a classroom where we would split up amongst the 10 and hold a debate on one of the given policies, an example being arguing AGAINST health and safety inspections. Since there was no specific order, we were to all talk without interupting each other, which is harder then you think. Later, I even heard that one of the other groups had a very heated argument forming within their debates, one that had to be stopped by the former RA’s evaluating in the room during the debate! The second round was in a group of 20. We were given 10 “possible” messages on our “answering machine” and as a group, prioritize each message. The toughest part of this task was to make sure you stood out in a group of 20, took leadership role, while maintaining focus at subject at hand, and trying to reason and argue why and what should come first. Now, I did all I could do, and all I have left to do is sit and wait to hear from them next week. I didn’t realize how competitive this position was at Purchase and I regret waiting until this year, especially during the economic crisis! They will tally up the scores of all of the evaluations from the former RA’s plus the individual interview to determine if you are granted this position. Please wish me luck, and I will make sure to jot down my reaction to the e-mail on my blog upon recieving the e-mail.

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