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April 7, 2009 purchasemymind3
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I just wanted to share my excitement for working at Omega Institute this summer. My mother has preached great reactions to the Omega retreats and after looking @ their website, I was extremely pleased with their teen camp program. Unlike other regular camps, Omega Teen Camp offers a spritual, mental, and physical component. Every morning, campers will be encouraged to practice yoga and meditation. Located in Rhineback, New York surrounded by lakes and forests, finding peace with the inner spirit would seem practically natural. Unlike other camps where they servce sloppy joes and macaroni & cheese, Omega offers vegeterian, organic food prepared right before time to eat. Another great aspect of this camp is that the counselors build up the entire summer program. A week before the campers arrive, a staff of 40 counselors individually plan activities based on their own skills/interests. As a counselor, I want to ensure that the campers get the “full package” and exceed their expectations of what camp should be. This is only a one month program, and as a former camper for 8 years, I feel that camp is the best place to grow up and have exciting experiences. I’ve been a camp counselor at a day camp last summer, but I can’t wait to increase my experience with children especially in such a wonderful environment with a healthy schedule.

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