Ice Hotels!?

April 15, 2009 purchasemymind3
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         While doing intensive research for my art history paper, I was distracted by an interactive logo which appeared on the bottom of my screen. A mix of my newly developed (not yet diagnosed) ADHD with “over-tiredrum” of looking at impressionist art for the third hour, I was drifted into a world of Ice Hotels. Surprisingly enough, Ice Hotels actually do exist (of course only in the winter time because by summer the hotel melts) and has become one of the trendiest things to do during winter vacation!

 “The first ice hotel was built in 1989 a village called Jukkasjärvi in northern Lapland, Sweden. That first year it was a modest, 60-square-meter igloo; this year, the structure measures over 4,000 square meters and has 85 rooms…

 The beds are made of blocks of ice covered with a foam mattresses. You sleep in high-tech mummy-style sleeping bags covered with animal pelts; although the air temperature in the room is below freezing, your body remains toasty warm.” (Joe Kissell)

For leisure time activities, they have an onsite ice bar which serves liquor. (Not beer, because beer would freeze) The glasses and plates are follow suit and are made from ice as well.

Since the first ice hotel in 1989, there has been many like them such as Kangerlussuaq, Greenland; Quebec, and even in Alaska as of 2004 has its very own ice hotel! In fact, the one in Alaska is open all year round!

This new trend fascinates me. The idea of sleeping in a igloo on a block of ice isn’t necessarily my ideal vacation. I usually vision myself on a beach with the sun beaming in my face. I would love, just for the experience however and sake of conversation to visit one of these ice hotels.

If anyone has visited one or knows of someone who has visited one, please comment on your experience!

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