RA pt. 2

So I’m very excited to inform you that I have been granted the RA position for next Fall. I will be working with the incoming Freshmans and on the “Arts Management” floor, which just means I’ll be working with students who declared Arts management as their major coming into Purchase. I look forward to this experience very much and I feel so lucky for this opportunity! I am currently in the middle of working on a viral strategy to market a modern dance show coming up in April @ SUNY Purchase. I have sat in one of their current rehearsals and they have amazed me beyond my expectations. I highly encourage everyone to come check it out. Both the dancers and choreographers have been working really hard for this upcoming show. Next week, I will write all the details necessary so come back and check it out!


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RA Interview Process

At the final phase of completing the RA application comes the two interviews, individual and group. They were both a tough task and I was able to realize my strenghts and weaknesses. The night before my individual interview, I practiced possible questions over and over again in my head and even rehearsed them with a friend. During the interview, however, a third of what I practiced went right over my head and I ended up explaining stories from my childhood and even surprised myself of the things that were coming out of my mouth. When put under pressure, especially with the paraprofeesional and RA both starring @ you while evaluating your every word and move, I was beginning to get nervous.  At times, I was too far into my story that I had forgotten what I original question had been. I tried to my best abililty, relate everything back to my first point. So that went on for about 3o minutes and I feel 50/50 about my peformance. What I do know though is that I was 100% myself, and showed my strong desire and passion for this position, so if they feel I am not qualified, I will have to just MOVE ON. 😦 I am keeping my fingers crossed however! The group interview was held at 8:30 this morning. Last time I remembered waking up before Starbucks was even opened was probably never, at least during this past semester. I found the group interview very amusing. All of the qualified applicants, (who passed a series of essay questions, valid references, and basic qualifications) were split up into groups of 10. In round 1, we were put in a classroom where we would split up amongst the 10 and hold a debate on one of the given policies, an example being arguing AGAINST health and safety inspections. Since there was no specific order, we were to all talk without interupting each other, which is harder then you think. Later, I even heard that one of the other groups had a very heated argument forming within their debates, one that had to be stopped by the former RA’s evaluating in the room during the debate! The second round was in a group of 20. We were given 10 “possible” messages on our “answering machine” and as a group, prioritize each message. The toughest part of this task was to make sure you stood out in a group of 20, took leadership role, while maintaining focus at subject at hand, and trying to reason and argue why and what should come first. Now, I did all I could do, and all I have left to do is sit and wait to hear from them next week. I didn’t realize how competitive this position was at Purchase and I regret waiting until this year, especially during the economic crisis! They will tally up the scores of all of the evaluations from the former RA’s plus the individual interview to determine if you are granted this position. Please wish me luck, and I will make sure to jot down my reaction to the e-mail on my blog upon recieving the e-mail.

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Rihanna and Chris Brown


This is a picture of Rihanna confronting Brown of a suspicious text message. It's clear her insecurities stem from his unfaithful tendancies.

When I was first heard about Chris Brown and the Rihanna dilemna, my reaction went something like “Oh god, this is so stupid, I really don’t care.” I saw the story everywhere I went from newsstands, deli’s, websites, etc. When I finally decided to actually read through one of the articles, I realized how important this news story is. Violence and abuse towards women have been an ongoing issue for years. When we hear about rape in the Congo and sex slaves in Thailand, we think just because these things happen in third world countries, it’s not as “important” because it’s not effecting our immediate society. However, domestic violence and rape occur everyday, every hour, every minute. The fact that it happened to one of the most popular pop singer has gained national attention. I feel that this story  is effecting our modern youth and speaking out to our generation. Everyone seems to be taking sides and adding personal opinions to the story but the bottom line is Chris Brown and Rihanna are just human beings like everyone else. We have so many human rights granted, especially as Americans, that we forget about them until they are violated. It seems to only grasp our attention when something extreme happens. I feel that this incident has raised our awareness of the actual truth of violence towards women and has given us the chance to put things more in perspective.

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Uncontrollable emotions

When we were babies, life was so simple. We were fed, bathed, changed, and when we wanted something, we’d cry. That’s all we understood. We understood that in order to get something, all we would have to do is cry and someone would know what was wrong and fix it. Unfortunately, life doesn’t stay that way. Now we are experiencing all these new emotions, some good, some sad, and some utterly uncontrollable.

I was hanging out with some old friends from high school over the weekend. With college and my boyfriend, it is hard to find time to spend qualilty time with them. We all went to the Rubin Museum, drank some wine, ate some good finger foods and checked out the wonderful Himalayan art. By the end of the night, we headed back to Hannah’s house for an old time’s sake “sleep-over.”

It was during the sleepover, that I realized how close they all had gotten and how much space I felt between us. I knew that it wasn’t intentional but some references to past stories and inside jokes were no longer my familiarity. I started to feel strange jealousy and sadness but didn’t quite know how or if I’d mention it. I decided not to.

Later on in the night, they started talking about possibly moving in together and how wonderful it would be. They didn’t even look my way once throughout the conversation and I felt like I was reliving a moment from middle school when my two best friends had a “play-date” without me.

I kept trying to NOT feel how I felt but I guess I couldn’t control it because I started to speak on it and sounded angrier then I actually was. I couldn’t portray my jealousy to them because I felt this strange sense of pride so what I meant to say came out nasty and regretful. I strangely started defending myself unnecessarily and pointing out all the stuff I’ve done while they’ve patched up their close-friendship and I totally feel like a complete idiot.

I’m supposed to be a mature adult in college and here I am throwing a fit at my two best friends acting as if I was in 5th grade and not being able to have what I want.

I realized that some feelings are very hard to control, and no matter what age you are, some things just never change. Of course there are so many different parts of the story I left out but in the end, I learned that learning to deal with an uncontrollable emotion is one of life’s hardest challenges. Maybe I should do more Yoga or something.

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Jobs @ Purchase


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Ever wonder where the word Sophomore comes from? Freshman, Junior, and Senior terms seem more or less self explanatory. In Canada, they refer to different levels of college students as first year, second year, third year, and fourth year.

I was at a school meeting together discussing the elements of being a Sophomore.

Sophomore is an actually an oxymoron.

In Greek- Sophos mean Wise and Moros mean Fool translating to “Wise Fool”

That makes complete sense to me. You think you’ve learned all the ropes and finally got the hang of things at school. But your still a fool because you’ve got two more years ahead of you and you still have much to learn.

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Entertainment Law

This is the book we are currently reading in my Entertainment Law course

This is the book we are currently reading in my Entertainment Law course

I’m fascinated with my entertainment law class. We are currently learning about trademark and copyright laws and some of the cases we analyze seem so absurd, as in the case between Victoria’s secret vs. Victor’s secret. What ultimately started out to be humorous, instantly turned nasty. Victor’s secret, which renamed to Victor’s little secret, was sued for infringement. Victor’s “little” secret sold adult videos and lingerie. When Victoria’s secret executives found and weren’t pleased, they proceeded to take it to the jury. However, Victor’s “little” secret won the case since there wasn’t any confusion in the market. An average person who walks into Victor’s “little” secret couldn’t possibly confuse that for Victoria’s secret. Another case we studied was Trader’s Joe’s vs. Gristedes. Gristedes decided to open up a new chain called Trader Johns. (One of their stores were to open this past January only blocks away from Trader Joes in Union Square, Manhattan. The argument behind that was simply his name was John and indeed he was a trader. Although it is not clear what the result of this case was (it probably was settled), it still fascinates me that Gristedes, a successful supermarket felt the need to expand to a different name for a test trial especially to something very quite similar to their competition. I wonder what they were thinking when they came up with this idea, and if they even considered Trader Joe’s into their thoughts. (They must have!)

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anqcolorshield11After my Diversity Club meeting, I stumbled onto a conversation with the head of our school’s PSGA, Russell who was not so happy about his recent proposal from a group of Sophomore girls to start up a sorority/fraternity at SUNY Purchase. Minutes into our conversation, I started to think about the pros and cons of how a sorority and fraternity would benefit our school. I realize that with it, we can build a better networking system amongst our students and how it can make our weekends less boring. However, I believe that most of the students who come to Purchase like the feeling of the artistic crowd we have here and putting a sorority/fraternity house may change the vibe and style we have that is so unique to Purchase. I’m sure this wasn’t the first time this idea was proposed, and I wonder why every time it was declined. I wonder if the foundation of our school would differ and to what measures it would change.

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Movie Screenings At Purchase

While in my Entertainment Law class, we came across a discussion where Purchase, (I’m assuming as well as other university campuses) are no longer allowed to show private screenings of movies publicly unless within the context of a class curriculum. If the movie is in the public domain, and the way to figure this out was if the work was made in 1923 or earlier, it probably is public domain but it is recommended to double check. A couple of websites to refer to is http://www.openflix.com or http://www.pdmdb.org. If you wish to gain permission lawfully, you need to purchase public performance rights.

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what’s up with our purchase loop?

I head out to stop-n-shop at about 6pm. I usually go around this time because if gives me exactly 48 minutes to shop and get all of my groceries. At 6:48 the purchase bus which is referred to as the “loop” picks us up and takes us back to campus. Sometimes it leaves a few minutes earlier then the time written on the schedule and sometimes it comes a few minutes later. Today, however, I must have waited there about 3 hours and the cold winter breeze was not helping. I make friends with the two other purchase students waiting, to come to find out that they have been waiting for the past 4 hours. The option of taking a cab was out the question considering we are broke college students so we decide to call the bus hotline provided for us. Unfortuanately, the hotline is an automated service with no actual person to provide us with any type of information. We weren’t even sure if there would be any more buses running tonight. After the two hour mark was when I became really frustrated and anxious, not to mention freezing! We even call UPD and they couldn’t help us for they have no ties to the bus operations. As we wait, we are losing hope and not sure of what to do next but wait. The three of us must have called anyone and everyone we knew with a car and unfortuately no one was able to help us. After 3 hours and a half, the bus finally shows up- turns out one of the buses had broken down. Now, here is where I get to the point. In case of emergency (as in the case of today) when a bus breaks down, or there’s an accident or whatever the case may be, there needs to be an announcement on the automated machine,  or on the purchase website. I’m partially writing this bc I’m angry I had to wait this long with no notification, but I am also writing this because I feel as a student of SUNY PURCHASE, I would appreciate better communication between the student body and the employees of our school.

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